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3D Modeling Services

My 3D Modeling Services offers a complete solution for creating accurate and detailed 3D models for architectural, engineering and construction projects.

3D Modeling Service Details

Based on your 2D plans, point cloud or any other material you may have, I create a perfectly detailed 3D representation of your building or interior.

You'll then receive the result in the standard of your choice (Revit, Archicad, IFC, etc.), so you can visualize or manipulate your model, or collaborate with other specialists.

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My service for transforming point clouds into BIM models lets you move quickly and efficiently from raw data to accurate 3D models.


Services provided to your Point Cloud
2D drawing - plans, facades, sections
3D drawing - 3D model



I use cutting-edge software for high-quality 3D modeling of your architectural, interior design or product projects.  

I use BIM software Revit or/and Archicad for all modeling. 

Services provided after your 2D project plans

3D Model

My 3D Models are perfectly suited for


3D models are a versatile and flexible tool for real estate development studies, preliminary designs and architectural competitions.

Real estate development

3D models are a powerful tool for feasibility studies and assessing the potential of real estate development projects.

Urban development

3D models help municipalities and regions revise their internal development or local planning and enable a new level of citizen participation.


To satisfy the needs of our clients, whether they are professional architects or individuals, we offer an architectural plans service.


In addition, we create architectural plans in accordance with the standards in force in Switzerland. Naturally, these plans are included in the authorization and financing application documents.

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What will be provided to you

Drawing 2D
After the point cloud, I can help you with 2D drawing-plans, facades, sections, according to your needs.

What will be provided to you?

M3D model
For themodels3D,georeferenced modelss and at real scale can be provided in the formats of IFC and/or RVT, PLN files.

2D graphical representations

3D digital models

revit archicad resized.jpg

Software and hardware used

For all modeling of 3D models, I use BIM software

Revit and/or Archicad


When applying for a building permit or a preliminary declaration of works, a crucial element is the floor plan of the building. This plan is required so that the authorities can verify the compliance of your project with planning regulations, whether national or local.

From a digitization carried out using a laser scan of your building, we develop floor plans, generally in 2D format.

In simple terms, aarchitect's plan visually represents the building in 2D view.

In detail, the floor plan presents an aerial view of each level of the building, as if you are looking down from the roof of the house. The horizontal axis of this view is located approximately 1.2 meters above the ground.

These deliverable documents are meticulously produced and exhaustive. They include the elevation points as well as the main facades of the building.

This also includes the layout of all rooms, stairs, balconies, etc., on each level. A floor plan incorporates specific lines and symbols to represent elements such as windows, doors, stairs, empty spaces, etc.

Plans are provided as DWG and PDF files.



The graphic representation of the facade elevation plan remains a constant requirement during the survey procedure for sanitation and insulation work within the framework of the Buildings program.

This program provides subsidies to property owners to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.

This is closely linked to theCECB certification (Cantonal energy certificate for buildings), which is uniform throughout Switzerland.

In addition, this graphic representation is required in certain cantons when there is a change of ownership or the replacement of a heating system.

Taking measurements, whether carried out freehand or using 3D scanning, allows the creation of vertical elevation plans. These plans provide precise information on the original exterior appearance and facilitate proper integration into the overall project.



The drawing of the section plan of a building, produced by an architect, is of capital importance when applying for a building permit or a preliminary declaration of works.

Just like the mass plan, the facade plan and the floor plan, it allows the authorities to check compliance with town planning rules, whether national or local.

Processus of creation

From the digitalization using a laser scan of your construction, we develop a set of plans and  of cuts, whether simple or with projection of the rear elements.

This type of plan graphically represents the land and construction.

It also facilitates the identification of the exterior volumes of buildings as well as their position on the ground and variations in terrain.

The administration must be able to unambiguously see that your project complies with the town planning rules of your municipality.

These documents, produced by specialist building designers, are precise and exhaustive. They integrate the altitude points as well as the major dimensions of your structure.

The section plan includes the layout of all rooms, stairs, balconies, etc. at each level where the cut is made.

Plans are available in DWG and PDF file format.

Allow a delay of 2 to 3 weeks from the scanning of the building.


Frequently asked questions

What is the price of this service?

Depends on the complexity of the model, the details of the deliverables (individual sections or plans, or a complete 3D model), and the level of detail required in the 3D model.

Contact me usingcontact page and I will make you an offer immediately.

Can you turn my point cloud into a 3D model?

Yes, working on the basis of a cloud of points to do 3D modeling, facade plans and sections is one of my specialties! Contact me viacontact page and I can make you a detailed offer immediately.

Where can I find examples of your work?

Glad you asked! Check out my pagewallet.

Can you deliver a 3D model corresponding to the BIM standard?

Yes, we can offer complete BIM models. I amopenBIM certified, with the international buildingSMART professional certification program.

What materials or files do you need to get started?

I'm flexible. I can start 3D modeling from your 2D drawings, a survey, a point cloud or others.​

Can you also deliver sections or individual plans, as .dwg?

Yes, I can also deliver individual sections or plans. To help you even more, I can concentrate delivery only on sections and plans (and not on a complete 3D model), which will be faster and cheaper.

In what format can you deliver the 3D model?

I can deliver to you as standard in the format of your choice. I can deliver a BIM model in Revit or Archicad. I can also deliver an IFC file.


Interior Plan cocomplete at 1/100th

Representation of elements at a height of 1.2 m from the ground
Drawing of partitions, openings (doors, windows), toilet blocks, measurements of ceiling heights/false ceilings and drawing dimensions

One deliverable per level and par building

Frame or attic plan at 1/100th


  • Representation of beams, partitions, openings (doors, windows) and false ceilings

  • Ceiling/false ceiling height measurements and drawing rating

Roof plan at 1/100 scale


  • Representation of chimneys, gutters, ridges, skylights and dimensioning of the drawing

Interior facade plan at 1/100th


  • Representation of openings (doors, windows), structural elements, chimneys and decorative elements

  • Rating of elements and representation of levels

Plan of exterior facades at 1/100th


  • Representation of openings (doors, windows), structural elements, chimneys and decorative elements

  • Rating of elements and representation of levels

Cut ifmple to 1/100th

With onlyent the objects in the cutting plane

Complex cut at 1/100th

With projectionelements in the background (the customer must define the direction of the desired cut)

Mass plan also called location plan

At 1/200 scale from point clouds of a plot or a set
model cecile 5 (5).jpg
Examples on 3D modeling
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I offer personalized projects

I can create according to your needs: 2D parts, 3D models and 3D renderings and video renderings.

Tell me and we will see together what is the best solution for YOU.

I carry out this work with passion and professionalism.
Thanks for trusting me!

3D models
2D drawing

I guarantee you

Quality . Rigor . Meet the deadline

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