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Here you'll find a selection of my recent projects in various fields.
Feel free to explore my portfolio to find out more about my skills and professional experience.

3D modeling from Point Cloud

Villa Torny, 2019

Villa Chexbres, 2020

Villa Sion, 2020

Villa Grandaux, 2021

Silo Hollywood, 2021

Villa Lutry, 2023

Villa Grandvaux, 2023

Villa Montreux, 2023

House Lausanne, 2023

Cécile Building, 2023

Severy Building, 2023

Land, streets, villages, towns, houses - more than 10 km2

Concept Architecture & Photorealistic 3D rendering

Villa Valais Port, 2022

Housing - 94 apartments, Bulle 2020

Accommodations - 5 apartments, Bern 2022

Accommodations - 6 apartments, Fribourg, 2021

2 Semi-detached Villas, Valais 2021

Simplex,  Nyon, 2021

Family home, Crissier 2022 

Family villa, Chexbres 2021

Villa extension, Neirivue, 2022

Villa Epagny Proposal, 2021

Villa extension, Villeneuve, 2023

3 Chalets, Verbier, 2023

Delighted to add our collaboration to my portfolio!

Selection of projects


A 3D model from a Point Cloud? I'm here to help you get it!

I guarantee you

Quality . Rigor . Meet the deadline

Thank you and I really hope to see you soon!
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