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I am


My name is Olivia and I love architecture.

I am happy to help professionals  to present yourself better thanksthis to the creation

3D modeling and high quality 3D renderings.

My services are perfectfor architects, designers and real estate developers.  

My mission is to show entrepreneurs and architects that they can impact, influence and win architectural projects thanks to authentic and quality 3D renderings, produced in a unique, sensual and natural way, without stress and without spending a lot of money. money.

Since 2020, I have been listening and successfully collaborating with architectural, engineering and geometry offices in Switzerland for 3D modeling and visualization services.

3D modeling
3D Animation
3D visualization

I have more than15 years of experience in BIM programs for modeling such as Archicad and Revit.

I also use3D Max, Corona and Lumion for quality 3D renderings and animations.

Passionate about BIM and architecture, I am now aCAS in Hepia Geneva in BIM Coordination (I'll tell you more about this in-depth later).

I promise my clients a relaxed atmosphere of partnership,creativity and professionalism.

I amenergetic and optimistic. I am convinced that the days when we don't laugh are the most wasted days of our lives.


I love traveling, running and spending time with my family. But more often than not, in my free time, you can see me with a book in hand.

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If you would like to know us better and collaborate, you can send me a message at

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